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Human Resources

Our Mission and Corporate Philosophy

We endeavour to be a source for trust, admiration and happiness for our customers through our assertion to create difference and passionate service approach.  

We enrich women’s lives with our customized products and services, make their lives easier and help them to go through experiences making them feeling special.

We aim to create extraordinary satisfaction among our customers beyond expectations.  

Our Vision and Business Principles

We consolidate our leadership in the product groups we are engaged with and we continue to take with firm steps to be a global brand by consolidating our existence in international markets.

We strive to be a leader in all major product groups as well as maintaining our leadership in the “Socks” group by a wide margin.  

Being the supplier of many worldwide and prestigious brands and one of the biggest three sock manufacturers in Europe is a guarantee of our universal quality and we continue to consolidate our standing.


We create opportunities for the women to be stronger in society.

We keep our customers at the center of all of our organizations and processes.

We enjoy our business and try to reach our targets in cooperation and teamwork.

We encourage initiative taking and pave the way for internal entrepreneurship.

We derive our leadership and competitiveness from continuous development.


The vocational higher education institution and vocational high school students who are required to do an internship in the winter and summer period can apply for internship for our stores and central staff at recrutare@penti.com.tr

Full time / Part-time
At our stores, you can work at full-time and half-time job opportunities.

For job opportunities, you can follow the vacant job positions at www.ejobs.ro


Maternity Leave
Employees at Penti make use of their maternity leaves for a legally determined period of time. Those employees on maternity leave do not have any fear of losing their jobs when they return.

  • Working hours for pregnant workers may be changed at the advice of a specialist
  • Maternity leave is granted for a period of 2 years.
  • In the case of a disabled child the period of maternity leave is 3 years

Positive Discrimination for Women
Women working at Penti are always privileged. Penti is a brand for women. Most of its employees are women. A number of projects have been developed in order to strengthen the status of the working women and their standing at the business world. 

Career Opportunity
We strive as much as possible to meet the needs of the newly-created cadres and employees of our ever-growing brand. We prefer to evaluate especially our existing employees for our newly-created managerial positions at Penti’s stores.   

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